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The Three Little Sisters

Collection: The Blade Honer Series

Blade Honer is a series of fictional novels by author Maria Kvilhaug. The books detail the life of the Oseberg priestess. 

BLADE HONER is a novel series that tells the fictional story of the historical woman who, aged between 45 and 55, was buried together with an older woman in a magnificent ship filled with cultic items at the mound of Oseberg in Vestfold, Norway, in 834 A.D. The burial is the most splendid and rich burial ever found from the Viking Age, and it has been suggested that the women were priestesses or in some way connected to a religious cult. The two women were the contemporaries of Charlemagne, Empress Irene and Harun al-Rashid. They were also contemporaries of the historical person behind the legendary Ragnarr Lódbrok, now famous for being described in the TV-series “Vikings”, and of Halfdan Svarti, the last Ynglinga king in Vestfold, and father of the man who was to unite the many tribes of Norway; Harald Hárfagri.