Projects that are seeking collaboration

Collaborations are for projects that have a lead editor or author who is looking to add additional written pieces inside the work. Collaborators retain the rights to the work, but authorize it to be contained into a larger publication for a basic compensation amount or free copy. All Collaborators have to sign an agreement to print and provide an address for compensation or free copy.

Full Project: Full projects are entire manuscripts that require editing. These must be greater than 40 pages and less than 600 pages in length. 

Free Copy Projects: 1-A collection of goddess stories on one or more goddess, in which you tell their origins or made up origins. Submission requirements: Must be between 10-50 pages in length. Must be submitted in plain text format in English.

2-a devotional to all Nordic gods, accepting poems, small essays. Submission requirements: Must be only about or related to Nordic Gods. Essay’s are limited to between 50-100 pages in length. The submission must be in plain text format in English.

3-a collection on Baba Yaga and Wood Witches there is not much on her so we are looking to collect legends, thoughts, theories etc and not much on similar type myths. Submissions must be between 10-100 pages in length, be in English and come with a biography of the author.

Royalty Based Projects: We are seeking authors who focus on one or more of the following subjects/genres: 

-Horror, Erotica, YA, Comic Books (must have illustrations), Crime, True Crime, Non-Fiction: looking for books on mythology outside Celtic and Nordic.

Submission Form

Thank you for your interest in our publishing house. Please note, that after we review your submission, we will require a submission of the first ten pages of your manuscript and a confirmation of identity.