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Maria Kvilhaug

Maria Kvilhaug is a Norwegian author and historian who writes in the English language. She was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1975. She has written

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Maria Kvilhaug on Patreon

Maria Kvilhaug is now offering articles, research conversations and more on her new Patreon page. Patreons can join for as little as $5.00 per month.

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Trickster & The Thunder God

Norse myths are chock full with stories of heroism, gods, giants, dwarfs, along with strong elements of shamanism, pagan ritual, sorcery and shape-changing. With commentary by Maria Kvilhaug, this volume two book is a collection of Old Norse medieval texts concerning the gods Thor and Loki.

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Blade Honer

Following the story of an Osberg Priestess, Blade Honer is a fictional tale written by author Maria Kvilhaug

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The Goddess Iðunn

This was the first cover I asked if I could take as a way to learn how to create covers. Sheal is the ultimate designer at TLS she just knows how to make Photoshop behave, something which I have not yet been able to master.

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