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The Bone Jar

The Bone Jar

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The Bone Jar. Is a dark and twisted romp through the minds of a pair of killers as they evolve. The story follows the main characters, Troy and Ivy as they grow up and lays the groundwork for how they become ruthless, cold-blooded killers. The book questions what could happen if someone is raised with trauma and goes untreated. Does evil beget evil? Is there anything good inside a killer? The Bone Jar takes us inside the minds of the lost, those plagued by monsters, and those seeking redemption. It's a wild and chaotic ride with deep and piercing content. The book is not for the faint of heart, it contains graphic descriptions of intimacy and murder. The story includes an overview of serial killers. FBI agent Desbrates follows our killers through their journey and discovers hidden connections that make him question everything.

  • Author: Larisa Hunter & Sheal Mullin-Berube
  • Publisher: The Three Little Sisters
  • Dimensions: 6" x 0.3548" x 9
  • Weight: 0.517 lbs
  • Paperback
  • Pages: 168
  • Cover: Gloss
  • ISBN:‎ 978-1-959350-28-6


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Customer Reviews

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Dawn Brunelle
The Bone Jar -On Second Glance

The first couple of chapters had me wondering what was going on. I loved the story, but there were times it seemed disjointed. I really got into it about a quarter of the way through. Once everything was explained at the end, I went “aaaah”. And then I read it again, enjoying how Janelle teased Leo during his class. Her stream of conscious story telling became clear when I realized she was talking from the grave. The turning of Troy and Janelle into monsters is believable and sad. She trying to protect her sister, and Troy and Lenore trying to protect her. It was a pleasant surprise to see Leo and Ari living “happily ever after” and I really enjoyed the moment when Ivy and Janelle appear in the mirror to the new Ivy. I enjoyed the book the first time around, but appreciated it much more the second time. I am curious about one thing: on page 15, the pronoun he is used for the Dumpster Kid. Was that a mistake? Either way, I liked the character very much.

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