Gnomes have landed on our site!! All this week you will see gnomes showing up on Facebook and Instagram! All are holding some amazing codes that will add a little bit more magic to your holiday shopping! All codes are valid till December 18th, 2020.

Shipping Changes

Due to some limitations on international shipping lately, we are asking that any international customers use our new Shipping Quote form prior to ordering, so that we can ensure we can ship to your location. If we are unable to ship to you via internal or external shipping partners, we will provide you with a local retail outlet to purchase from. All our titles are available internationally via independent and large retail stores. We are working on a database of local shops to help support local businesses and provide international readers with a less expensive shipping option

Hardcover Versions

Hardcover is available on select books and available only through our shop or on Amazon [USA, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT], for other countries please order directly from us! Save yourself the headache, order directly from our shop for all print and hardcover editions!

Did you know?

Our new Fan Box platform goes inside our novels, explores the research of our non-fiction titles and brings the reader curious clues that will delight, entertain and inspire. Parents can grab related craft projects, freebies and more. Explore The Fan Box for free or join our low cost premium membership at $2.00/month or $20.00/year.

To find out more visit The Fan Box.

Barnes & Noble Listing Our Books Online Only

Grab a copy of any of our titles at B&N online and have them ready for pickup from your local Barns & Nobles storefront. B&N is listing publishers on their site to promote independent authors and publishing houses. They have included these listings in their new membership program where for 25$ you get discounts on books and free shipping!! To join the program and find your favorite TLS title click here or sign up in your local B&N storefront.

Currently, listings are online-only, and may not be available on the shelves of B&N yet, but don’t you worry; we’re diligently working on it. With locations around the globe for B&N, our titles are now available internationally just by walking into Barnes & Nobles and asking any counter to order it for you, or purchasing online and choosing the in-person or curbside pickup. An option that is very helpful for our overseas readers who may not have had an opportunity to pick up our TLS titles in other channels and also provide a convenient one-stop-shop for picking up titles and supporting your local economy.

To see our full catalog listed on B&N, click here: More titles are being added daily!

Gnome Codes

Valid until December 18th, use any of these codes to get some special holiday magic!

Holiday Cut Offs

Due to Covid-19, we cannot guarantee that any orders placed from December 7th, 2020 on will be arriving on time for the holidays. We are recommending that all orders upgrade shipping which will increase the chance of products arriving. All orders must be placed before December 18th in order for us to get orders through before our holiday closure.

Our offices are closed from December 21st-January 6th. Orders will be shipped out every Friday during the closure to ensure that there is no disruption in our services. Limited stock is available from our in house inventory. We will be posting an available book list in our shop as soon as possible. Any product in house can be shipped via USPS Express or UPS next day, however the cost for these are higher due to the short shipping time.

The Bone Jar Special Offer

Starting this Friday, The Bone Jar will be on sale for the special price of $13.00 in honor of Friday the 13th! Grab this spine chilling slasher for 13 days at this special price and find out the secret buried within…


To ensure you get your orders before Christmas, orders for all books must be placed before November 20th! If your looking to grab a perfect stocking stuffer this year or that book you always wanted, used coupon code SANTASELF to get 25% off any order! valid until November 20th!

Shipping & Tracking

If a product is in stock, we ship via USPS. A tracking number will be sent to you via an order email. Check your spam folder to locate it. We recommend using the Shop App: to track your package.

For items that are shipped via Amazon, we cannot provide a tracking number. An ETA will follow your order to indicate that the order has shipped.

Please add us to your white list of emails so as not to lose any updates from our shop in your spam folder! Emails for orders come from our own private email service and are completely secure. If you need to confirm we did in fact receive your order, email us at and we will look up your order for you.