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The Three Little Sisters

The City

The City

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Welcome to The City, a dark and sprawling collection of ruins, looming buildings and narrow alleyways brooding with menace. Enter a world where the machines have long seized up and guns are increasingly rare. It is a place where the law tiptoes, and quickly, where life is cheap and might makes right with heavy and often brutal attention to detail. It is a place of corruption, violence, thievery and debauchery, where the Guilds dominate with bribes or brawn, gods roam through opiate dreams, and glorious characters rule bar stools with songs and shouts for wine. Bear witness to the plague ghetto and mass floods, hang out in the mutant district or seek the drug and pleasure dens of the yellow smoke. Walk the lonely and dangerous red light canals with ladies of the night, witness the last days of an exiled dictator, brawl with mercenaries and break into the hidden bowels of secret ancient places where machines yet work. Meet Red Demon, albino master-thief and dealer of ancient drugs; Blisthenov, potato artisan and bomb-maker; Vimey, hunchbacked dwarf gambler; a pair of half-starved and ruthless mercenaries, Blixa and Milos and more. Come and dance through the vileness and villainy, sing songs of outrageous endeavour or celebrate the simple fact of having a coin for a bowl of soup.

Author: Daniel Smallegange
Publisher: The Three Little Sisters
Dimensions: 5.5" x 0.4971" x8.5" inches
Weight: 0.616lb
Cover: Gloss
Pages: 236
ISBN: 978-1-959350-34-7

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