The Victorian [Digital]



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The Victorian era bustled with scientific progress and discovery. My story begins during this chaotic time. An inspired scientist has moved to a struggling mining town for better access to the materials that he will analyze for clues to what he hopes will be the nature of the human soul itself. As is so often the case, things don’t go as planned. His wife develops a mysterious pallor and later becomes deathly ill. Our scientist is pressed into hasty action well before his measurements and observations are certain. As the story unfolds, an elemental earth spirit waits in the shadows trying to silently control the increasingly out of control situation.100 years later, two enterprising sisters have purchased the home from a real estate website promising haunted houses for sale. They think the place will make a great haunted bed and breakfast. But first, they’ll have to sort out how haunted the place is…and if it’s worth staying.

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