Blade Honer-Book One [Digital]



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In 775 AD, Thorbjörn is the last Thunder Warrior and Thunder priest of an ancient lineage reaching back to the Age of the great Stone temples in Götaland has found refuge in the peaceful Baltic River Lands. He knows that he must teach his daughters how to survive and remain free in case of a Viking raid. Little could prepare either seventeen-year-old Zivah or seven-year-old Thordís for the onslaughts of the Viking Rus, pirates and slavers who were lawless, barbarian men forced into exile in the East. Men are eager to profit from civilization’s endless demand for new slaves. Raided and made orphans, little Thordís embarks on a quest to save her older half-sister from rape and slavery while befriending some of the most strange and contrary-men to ever exist.

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