New Product Launches

We are excited to announce the launch of Kindle Vella, an episodic story based app created by Amazon Kindle. Vella dispatches episodes to readers in small quick episodes that can be read in under a few hours. Vella will be available in the USA starting today!

In order to read Vella episodes, you will need to use either the Kindle App or view on a browser that supports Kindle. The episodes are launching in the USA first, with other countries to follow. Episodes are free for the first 3 and then are unlocked via tokens. The tokens are purchased via Amazon and range from 1.99-14.99 and come in bundles of 200-1700. Most episodes unlock with as little as 13 tokens. Tokens are allocated on word count and are approximately 1 token per 100 words.

The episodes are a fun way to read a short story and interact with authors along the way. At this time, as the platform is relatively new, episodes of Vella will be kept to our founders. Stories from Sheal, Larisa and Sarah are available at this time or in development. We might be launching some other authors as time allows or interest in the platform grows.

Find out more here: Kindle Vella

All episodes will appear in the shop with a signature image and Vella thumbnail.

Sample of product image