Rig Svenson

Rig Svenson

Writer of Little Bones Women, Rig Svenson has had first hand experience with a practicing Vǫlva. His work explores the true practices of these elusive figures that have fascinated scholars and academics world wide.


I was born and grew up as a child during the waning days of British colonial rule in Southeast Asia on the tiny British colony of Singapore. Educated by French Canadian missionaries in all boys’ catholic schools, I grew up with the romance of Empire. I re-located back to the United Kingdom as a teenager in the late winter of 1972 at the age of sixteen. I then enlisted with the British Army joining the Corp of Royal Engineers as a boy soldier at a prestigious military academy in Gloucestershire close to the border with South Wales. When I completed my military apprenticeship at the army college, I served in Southern Europe, Northern Ireland, and Belize (formerly British Honduras) in Central America. My background and skillset remain in engineering, Information Technology and Further Education lecturer but my passion has always been to write.

As far back as I can recall, I have always had awareness outside the physical senses. As a child, I did not understand this ability or gift of seeing imaginary beings or being able to foretell events that have not yet occurred. I had a Welsh father and a Filipino mother. I was born on the l0th of November 1955 at 0900 hours local time on the island colony of Singapore. Both my father's parents were Spiritualist Mediums of White Eagle, a North American Indian spirit guide and a Spiritualist Church movement in England. My mother's stepmother, Gloria, was a gifted lady who used to entertain my long tropical nights with bedtime stories about spirits of the forests and a host of other magical beings. My father Vincent, on the other hand, was taught Malayan witchcraft by the "bomohs" (witch doctors) in Malaya. I consider my childhood interesting having been raised up in a different culture to that of the Western World.

My first encounter with the paranormal was in the early hours of the morning when I was sixteen years old. The nights were very hot and humid out in the tropics, especially during the monsoon season. I remember that I sweated a lot, with a general feeling of being uncomfortable. I was in my bedroom when I heard an eerie and strange noise, followed by a most peculiar sensation. My attention focused and a feeling of coldness and helplessness swamped me. I was unable to fight back as a kind of sleep-paralysis had overwhelmed me. My eyes remained fixed open although I could not move. Fear then got a hold, like an unwelcome host, so all I could do was watch. This phenomenon is likened to a false awakening similar in some ways to UFO abductions. Whatever the rationale behind this moving experience, what happened next seemed very real to me and I still remember it to this day.

I believe that we all meet our demons. I experienced an energy vibration from the astral plane, which seemed to have a mass and form. This collective thought form stood directly before my very eyes. The vision appeared the darkest black in colour with furry, ugly, and intimidating facial features. I sensed that it was a negative entity as it started to bellow and laugh at me. It appeared to be a beast of some sort with sub-human features. This apparition stuck in my mind for a long time after, as the experience was so profound. This was my first encounter with an archetypal entity. Black magic is commonly practised in the far east and this "energy" was raised but not banished by some irresponsible worshippers. Logic went out of the window as my analytical mind took a good knocking from this experience. I started to acknowledge that other forms of consciousness existed which cannot be measured or proven by science and is little understood.

A whole new sense of realities touched my being from that day on and I have never looked back. I know now that the grave is not the end of the human spirit. We place far too great a value on the material world and temporal carnal pleasures. Compound this with the complexities of modern-day living, is it little wonder that our spirituality has moved on to the shelf to be explained away by analytical minds and logic? The death of my father proved the next turning point in my life as it triggered a genuine need to go deeply into my spirituality. I regularly used to do competition shooting at a shooting club range on Mondays and Wednesdays. My interest in this no longer politically correct sport stemmed from my military experiences in peacetime and when operational, being required as a professional soldier to be a good marksman.

Then, one Wednesday evening during the wintertime, I met a Germanic looking man whom I came to know as Ron. He struck me as an extraordinary individual and somehow our chit-chat went from the Boy Scout Movement through to the occult. He mentioned Runes and I was totally fascinated, with this man and with the knowledge that he seemed to possess. I was intrigued by all this and arranged to meet him privately at his request. Ron was a Rune magician during the early seventies, a period when runes were still relatively obscure. His inner knowledge inspired me as there was little written about runes then. He had brought some of his preferred magical tools for me to look at. Ron asked me to pick a rune from out of his deep blue rune pouch. I drew out what appeared to be a lightning ᛋ symbol which afterwards I came to recognise as the rune Sowulo (pronounce in Anglo-Saxon as Sigil, Old Norse as Sol while Sowilo ᛊ ᛋ is Germanic).

Ron showed me the rest of his paraphernalia, which included horns; crystals, Odin, Thorr and Freyja brass figures, and an ornate altar clothe which Robert Turner’s wife made. Turner used to run a magical Order called The Cubic Stone. In its heyday, this Wolverhampton based magical order boasted around 30 professional and trades people within their ranks. The novelist Francis King put forward in a quotation taken from "The Monolith" (the order's magazine) that their magical workings were effective and that they were serious painstaking students of the occult who pursued the" Enochian " method. Enochian magic is a system of great complexity. A Welsh scholar magician named John Dee (1527-1608) is believed to have received inspiration from his "angels". These include an Enochian alphabet of 21 letters, 19 "keys" (invocations) and translations which gives the magician great knowledge and possibly power.

Ron, who introduced me to the pendulum, triggered my initial psychic experimentation into the occult. Ron was a former student of Violet Firth (Dion Fortune). He taught me how to dowse with the pendulum in a matter of weeks when colours started coming to me strong and fast. I then encountered a series of uncontrolled Out of Body experiences travelling astrally along the horizontal Earth plane. This naturally alarmed me, as it felt like I could move about through doors and walls and feel no physical sensation. I started visualising a variety of astral colours unlike any colours I have ever seen before. This new energy vibration had an even stronger influence on my person during the hours of darkness when things were a lot quieter. I started to visualise "dancing colour balls" in a multitude of vibrant living colours which seemed to be in a sort of orbit around a central nucleus and possessed a life of their own.

I must add it was a very fascinating and unique experience for me. I believe that they represented eenergy communications. At this stage, I asked Ron's advice and he tried to arrange a meeting with his friend Robert Turner. This was not to be, and his wife turned me away when we went to see him.  A short time later, as I was going through my late father's personal memoirs, a small piece of paper fell out with a woman's telephone number together with a tape recording of a personal reading she had given him. I was so intrigued by this that I rang her up and was invited to visit her home. It turned out that she was a medium friend of my late father. Susan, at that time, was a very gifted spiritual medium but she often portrayed herself as The Queen of Swords. For the sake of the layman, the Queen of Swords refers to a character found in the Tarot Cards depicted as a wise female who is also very observant as well as perceptive. always on her guard from being hurt so badly in her past life.

She became my teacher for a time and worked her little miracles with me and helped me unlock my innermost self. Together, we covered a lot of ground regarding my spiritual as well as psychic abilities. When I first met her, she blazed right through all my spiritual centres or "charkas" (Sanskrit---wheel) points. This she did by extending her aura energy field so that it touched on mine.  This had the effect of sending me way off balance at the time. She had a powerful ability and charisma to work with spiritual energies with or without their permission.

It is believed that the physical body connects with spirit through their "charka" centres.  I worked under her guidance for about two years. At her peak of working with spirit, she was the best channel I had ever seen. Sadly, this is no longer the case because she walked away from all her spiritual teachings with the light, choosing to pursue a non-spiritual path instead. The path of spirit is often a very hard road because of the lessons that we sometimes need to experience. This is a way of life and to be able to "walk the talk" does not come easily in the selfish and uncaring world in which we live in. I believe that I was her last student. Although I found the work rewarding, forming a strong working relationship with her, I fell into the student/master love relationship trap and got emotionally involved with her. It was like being bewitched under a spell. This turned my whole life upside down with a great deal of mental trauma, emotional pain, and despair directly as a result. I then moved heavily into working with other mediums doing circle work, absent healing, rescue work with lost child souls and even with Native American spirit guides. The Nordic gods and goddesses came as a natural progression from spiritualism, and they remain to me as interesting as they were all that time ago. In particular I am drawn to the goddess Frigga, Hella and Eira, no so much Odin or Froya as many in this tradition seem to be.


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