Barnes & Noble Listing Our Books Online Only

Grab a copy of any of our titles at B&N online and have them ready for pickup from your local Barns & Nobles storefront. B&N is listing publishers on their site to promote independent authors and publishing houses. They have included these listings in their new membership program where for 25$ you get discounts on books and free shipping!! To join the program and find your favorite TLS title click here or sign up in your local B&N storefront.

Currently, listings are online-only, and may not be available on the shelves of B&N yet, but don’t you worry; we’re diligently working on it. With locations around the globe for B&N, our titles are now available internationally just by walking into Barnes & Nobles and asking any counter to order it for you, or purchasing online and choosing the in-person or curbside pickup. An option that is very helpful for our overseas readers who may not have had an opportunity to pick up our TLS titles in other channels and also provide a convenient one-stop-shop for picking up titles and supporting your local economy.

To see our full catalog listed on B&N, click here: More titles are being added daily!